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Directors Service Address

This service is for directors who do not want their private home address to appear on the public record at Companies House.

Since the implementation of the new Companies Act in October 2009, it is now possible for officers of a company to use our professional directors service address. At the low price of £35 (inc VAT) per annum this service would be of benefit to the majority of directors.

Benefits of using our directors service address :

  • Reduce the invasion on your privacy. With new technology such as Google Earth anyone can be looking at detailed  images of your home within seconds.
  • Help stop identity theft by keeping your personal address details private.
  • Help stop junk mail coming through your letter box by omitting your address from this public database.
  • Useful in a business sense, if you would rather that your  customers, competitors and suppliers could not easily see where you actually  live and what your home is actually like.
  • Maintain continuity of address if you change address on a regular basis or are away from home
  • For foreign clients it provides a public UK address

If you are trading from home you may like to consider using our registered office facility combined with our directors service address in order to protect your privacy.

All officers will still be required to provide their residential address but this will be held on a secure unit at Companies House and would only be made available to approved public authorities.

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