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Public Limited Company (PLC)

13579467_sA Public Limited Company is a company with limited liability, similar to a private limited company, but which can offer for sale its shares to the public through a listed Stock Exchange (although this is not a requirment and a PLC can remain privately owned).

A PLC company must appoint at least two directors and it must also appoint a company secretary who is qualified to hold the position. We can provide this service if required (please select our nominee secretary appointment when ordering).

A PLC must have a minimum issued share capital of £50,000, with at least 25% (£12,500) of this being paid up in full. The company cannot conduct business or exercise borrowing powers unless it has obtained a trading certificate from Companies House confirming that it has the minimum allotted share capital. This can be applied for once the company is incorporated and shares have been issued and paid for.

We provide the most comprehensive PLC company formation package available in the UK. The price is £229 and includes VAT, postage and packing and all registration fees. Rather than supply a selection of blank forms we complete all the required paperwork for your new company including share allotments, setting of accounting reference date, share certificates, completed minutes and registers etc.  All our companies are professionally presented in an easy to use hardback file.

Our all inclusive PLC company formation pack includes all of the following:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Two bound copies of the company Memorandum & Articles of Association (Companies Act 2006 compliant. Additional copies available if required)
  • Statutory registration fees
  • All required forms completed, copied and filed at Companies House
  • Fully written up Statutory Registers
  • Completed minutes of the first meeting of directors
  • Share allotments completed and filed
  • Creation of additional share classes if required
  • Printed and completed share certificates
  • Setting of the company accounting reference date
  • Free name check and advice

Your company will normally be incorporated within 3-4 hours and full statutory books will be despatched on the day of incorporation.

Other Company Services including registered office facility, director’s service address, corporate secretary appointment and our annual compliance service are also available when ordering. Click here for details

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