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Company Secretarial Services

If your an accountant and you find completing company secretarial work for your clients to be a time consuming and occasionally frustrating business then we can help.

From appointing a new director, to creating new share classes, to completing a full re-construction of company statutory books, we can complete any company secretarial task for you.

Call or e-mail us with the details of the change you would like to implement and we will complete all the required forms and resolutions, along with updated company registers, share certifictes, minutes and notices for the company records. The documents will be sent to you that same day for you to present to your client for signing.

Our fees for this kind of service range from around £35 to £95, allowing you to easily add your own fee to the price if required.

One call and the work is done. We can also provide 30 days credit so payment does not have to be made when ordering. Whether you require this service on a daily or yearly basis, we can help remove the headache and save you time.

Company formations

For company formations of any type you can simply call us when you require the company and we will complete and send the company package to you the same or next working day. No need to log on and complete any online order forms, a quick phone call and consider it done. Of course orders can still be placed online, or by e-mail or fax, whichever is the best for you.

Our service includes any requirements you may have for the company, including additional share classes, changing of accounting reference date etc.  We can check company names for you and we can send company packs directly to you or to your client and provide any documents by email as required.

Our company formation packages are all presented to the highest standard meaning that you can give your client an impressive and useful set of company statutory books, fully completed and compliant in our hard back loose leaf folders. Give them something tangible and useful as they start their new business.

You can place company orders through this web site or for more information or to give us a try please call us free on 0800 092 5577 (or 0161 477 8282), or email us at info@onlinecompanyservices.co.uk